Park- and garden care

Caring for annunal plants
Place the base unit in flower pots and focus irrigation rounds to the plants that really need to be watered.
Contractors can show clients that the plants are managed according to plan, and client on the other hand can ensure that contractors do their offer stated. In case of dispute about the management, the seasonal values can be obtained from the server.
The internal battery lasts the entire season. The equipment also works in the indoor plantings.


Pin shows position of base unit.

Establishment of perennial plants
Tree planting and replanting affects large values. With measurements the contractor gets a basis to demonstrate to the client that they have watered the trees when the need existed, and that overwatering is avoided. It also provides for a greater share of plantings survive through the establishment phase, and less expenditures to replace obsolete plants when handover to the owner takes place. The base unit buried in the ground, for example during a manhole cover. The battery lasts about three years with two readings per day.

Measurement of soil moisture for a hawthorne in Malmö, Sweden.

Measurement of soil moisture for a hawthorne in Malmö, Sweden.

The equipment consists of a base unit that connects to the soil moisture sensors for placement underground. The base unit should be located so that it is not in water. You can connect temperature sensors. A measurement take place every hour (or more frequently) and uploads to the Internet via GSM network. They can then be viewed via computer or smart phone.

Base unit for soil moisture measurement.

Base unit for soil moisture measurement.

When plants are placed on traffic islands, such as pots, staff need to be protected during service operations because of its exposed position in traffic. Do you instead measure the moisture for the plants, you do not need to get there just to check if irrigation is needed.

Use of moisture meters in flower pots for summer plants have facilitated the job of foreman Torun Jorde in Malmö, Sweden. Thanks to them, she could read exactly when the flowers need watering. Read the story in Utemiljö no 5 2015 in Swedish (pdf).
The hawthorne, Crataegus x lavallei, picture above, is monitored with our equipment in a cooperation with Malmö stad, Sweden, and their contractor Green Landscaping. Landscape engineer Arne Mattsson appreciate the time savings of not having to manually reading soil moisture values, as previously done. Read the story at Entreprenadaktuellt no 11 2015 in Swedish (pdf).
During the season 2013 we participated in a field trial which the Swedish Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies (HS) did to evaluate different systems for optimization of irrigation.

You can order via phone +46 46-288 45 20 or email. You are most welcome to call or ask questions. Watch pictures of the equipment in our fact sheet written in Swedish (pdf).

Part Price euro
Base unit with solar cell and battery 700
Soil moisture sensor Watermark 50
Temperature sensor, 2 m cable, air/ground/water 50
Air humidity sensor, incl temperature sensor, mounted in base unit 60

Base unit, one soil moisture sensor: 750 euro
Base unit, two soil moisture sensors: 800 euro
All prices are excluding VAT.

The equipment is sent as package against fee, or can be picked up in Lund, Sweden.

Charge the batteries with the supplied USB cable in the base unit socket. Press the button on the bottom of the base unit. The display shows the current moisture levels at all connected sensors, battery status, and any temperature sensors. The measurement is also sent to the internet.

The base unit can be fitted with two soil moisture sensors, and even more temperature sensors. Normally the two soil moisture sensors at various depths to monitor the humidity contained in the entire root zone. Accessories plugs easily to cables with quick connectors.

Monthly cost
Subscriptions for data charges according to how often you want to measure. Default is once per day. If you wish to increase the frequency you prepay a sum which is then deducted by the frequency measurement is made. Hourly readings of two soil moisture sensors and temperature sensor cost about 5 euro/month.
The base unit will choose an operator that is available, which means high reliability, and that it will work in any country, most likely.

Internet service
Your measurements are shown on a website when you log on. You can name the sensors and the base unit.  All measurement data can be exported to an Excel file for detailed analyzes. See our video tutorial on how to export sensors and create charts.
You can also set alarm levels for the various sensors that are connected. This will send an email and/or sms when the value are above or below your setting.
Examples of the presentations of measurements can be seen at our demonstration web.

Theft Protection
The base unit can be locked in the GSM operators theft records and then becomes useless to a thief. It can also be tracked geographically.