About us

Sensefarm AB started as a project within the consultancy firm Videocent AB 2011. Videocent helped a major European sugar producer with mobile applications and web-technologies for their contracted farmers at that time. When asked if it was possible to use a mobile phone to measure temperatures in sugar beet piles we simply said yes, researched the market, contacted a few companies who could provide parts of the needed technology and developed some on our own. We started cooperating with local farmers associations and researchers at the local agricultural university and this resulted in more products. Eventually, it was time to separate the consultancy and product businesses and 2013 Sensefarm AB was started. Due to a technological spinout including personnel to form Bintel AB and an international expansion, Sensefarm Sweden AB took over as the main company behind the Sensefarm brand.

Anders Hedberg, CEO


Research and EIP-Agi Projects


Sensefarm is a participating partner and/or co-ordinator of the following projects which requires posting the logos above on our website, you can read more about them here in Swedish – Swedish approved projects. English follow below.

Ventilation of root vegetables stored in clamps

Applicant: NBR, Bjärred
Project goals: By actively ventilating and controlling the temperature in clamps for long-term storage, minimizing storage losses.
Grants granted: 3.7 million
Project outcome: 2020-12-31
Contact person: Joakim Ekelöf, Project Manager, 0736-286724

Custom infrastructure with service package for farm digitization

Applicant: Sensefarm AB
Project objective: Attractive service package around installation, operation and services for a digitized farm. Innovation will provide a robust and cost-effective system that can handle both high data rates from cameras to slow battery-driven field sensors located far from the farm. The project will further develop existing and new services as well as adapt sensors and cameras to meet different farmers’ needs.
Grants awarded: 4.9 million
Project completion: 2019-09-30
Contact person: Henrik Hedlund, Project Manager, 0702-176539