Sensefarm develops LoRaWAN-products for Agriculture and Smart Cities. The products are not limited to these specific areas, they can be used for a set of applications and use-cases such as measuring temperature- and humidity or soil moisture.
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Online Service – Sensefarm Hub

All data right in your pocket. You can add alarms that warns you when its to cold or to hot. Add a location and never loose your device. Data is stored in the cloud and is ready for viewing anytime, both current and historical data. On your computer for daily work planning or in the mobile for on the road decisions.
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Online Service – data transfer and your website

Once the sensor data is in our cloud, you can easily add what we call an “action” to send all data or just alarm conditions to external systems. Great for issue handling and notification systems already deployed when managing a city like Helsingborg.
You can also use our cloud service as an always updated data source and embed our easy to use widgets in your own website. The Höganäs energy company in southern Sweden who run the LoRaWAN network use our cabled temperature sensors to measure the bathing temperature –

Rental and installation service

For agricultural researchers we offer a one year rental solution where we do everything from installation of systems to field service and removal to let you focus on your trials and data analytics. You gain insights daily without visits to remote locations. Data is available for post harvest analytics and presentations.
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